Tree Planting

Why won’t you plant large forested blocks?

We would love to plant large blocks of trees however we do not have the resources to assist you with this activity. We can help steer you in the right direction towards hiring a trusted planter and in some cases assist you in obtaining planting grants!

Do you plant trees under the 50 million tree program?

No. Our planting projects are not large enough in scale to be eligible for government grants and we are not recognized as a planting agency for any government funded programs.

Can planting trees make my property eligible for the managed forest tax incentive program?

Yes! If the right requirements are met planting trees on your property may make your property eligible for participation. For example, a minimum of 9.88 acres of forested land is required for participation. If 9.88 acres of a 10 acre fallow field was planted in accordance to manage forest eligibility standards the property is then eligible for participation.

Climate change is happening. Should I still plant trees?

Yes, even more so now then ever! In order for your trees to survive climate change you must manage them in accordance to the changing climate. The truth is some tree species on your property and across central and southern Ontario may not be able to survive the new average temperatures in coming years. For this reason we may suggest supplemental planting or seed introduction of complimentary species.